In this spotlight we were honored to work with Huanshedo Valle. With a physical disability, more specifically Cerebral Palsy, Huanshedo was able to overcome the obstacle of feeling disabled.

Through his work ethic he was able to transform his body into a better version through the lifestyle of bodybuilding. It’s an art to him and he’s fallen in love with bettering himself and more so influencing his community.

With that said, we introduce Huanshedo’s story, told by Huanshedo himself. Enjoy!

“I began my fitness journey during the summer going into my freshman year of highschool. Being that fitness has always been part of my family, I was fortunate enough to be influenced into a positive direction.

During the first two years of my journey I trained and learned all the basics from my Father. Shortly after that, my love for fitness grew and with a push from my older brother, I invested more time into lifting weights.

Hence the golden era of bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding has always fascinated me because it gave me control of building my mind and body.

It was an art and I loved it.

It was a lifestyle that shows others no matter your circumstance, belief in yourself can reap success in anything you do, especially with this lifestyle.

Two years later I still have a burning passion to better myself and will do what it takes to inspire anyone and everyone I can.”

So there you have it, Huanshedo Valle. One of the most inspirational individuals we have ever worked with. Follow his journey via instagram

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